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Purchase a "CHOOSE LIFE" license plate!


     For every CHOOSE LIFE license plate purchased in Marion, Washington, and Nelson counties, $10.00 is donated to the House of Hope.  The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet offers specialty plates at the cost of $25.00.  Ten dollars will go to pregnancy crisis centers; the House of Hope is the pregnancy crisis center for Marion, Washington, and Nelson counties.  Please make a stand for life and for compassionate, life-saving intervention!

Donate Supplies for Clients and for House of Hope


Donations Needed: For House of Hope


Toilet Paper


Paper Towels

Cleaning Supplies

Laundry Detergent and FabricSoftener

Hand Soap and Dish Soap

Baby Hangers

Postage Stamps


Copy Paper


Donations Needed: For Clients


Baby Car Seats*

Baby Formula

Potty Chairs

Diapers and Baby Wipes

Baby Toiletries(Baby Wash, Lotion, etc.)

Baby Food (Stage 1 and 2)

Play Pens

Travel Beds

Baby Beds with mattresses

Baby Grooming Kits (hairbrush, nail clippers, etc)


 * Note: We cannot accept expired car seats.

Become A Volunteer!


If you are looking for a place to make a difference then look no further!  We are always looking for new volunteers.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Give us a call or stop by to see us!  We would love to talk with you!


Volunteer and Get Connected!





Foundational Needs:

__Commitment to pray individually on a weekly basis.

__Board Member - the commitement for a member of the board is to attend a 2 hr.     board meeting per month, as well as financial and fundraising support.


At the Center:

__Volunteer Counselor* - Must be committed to complete basic training and               available 3 hrs/wk. 

__Hope Closet - assist in washing/repairing/folding clothes, and keeping closet organized.  1 hr/wk.

__Housekeeping - general office cleaining.  1 hr/wk.



__Baby Shower - Must be willing to initiate a baby shower in your church.

__Church Contact Person - Help generate interest in the House of Hope in your      


__Volunteer Guest Speaker* - To be trained to speak on behalf of the House of


__Fundraising Volunteer - Willing to help on future fundraising events.

__Abstinence Volunteer* - Be willing to go into youth groups and classrooms to    

    promote abstinence for our young people.  





     Visit us on Facebook!  We are currently working on improving our Facebook page, in order to help us stay better connected with the community!  Search for us on Facebook by typing House of Hope into the search bar!

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